Always willing to be of assistance

I am one of the more experienced Melbourne marriage celebrants, after all I have lots of experience after having been a part of perhaps a few dozen weddings in the city. My experience is often called on, by soon to be wed couples and their parents who need a bit of advice and I welcome it always. I make every possible effort to ensure that a couple’s wedding goes exactly as planned if not better. My willingness to share my experience with couples both those who want an exotic wedding or those seeking a more traditional nuptial arrangement is one of the reasons for my popularity in the city.

Making your occasion memorable

Getting married is a pleasure enjoyed by most just once their lifetime. So, the occasion obviously needs to be memorable as much as it is fun. As a Melbourne wedding celebrant I have mastered the art of turning even the most ordinary of weddings into something that is fun for everyone. Though a celebrant plays a very small yet vital part in any wedding, I expand on my role by going that extra mile to ensure that everyone has fun. I’m extremely flexible which means that I rarely if ever turn down special requests, and can even add my own unique touch if permitted this ensures a truly memorable wedding.

Get in touch

To hire my services or to find out if I’m available when you’re planning to get married

call me at 0417 011 086, (03) 9379 0825. If you’re unable to reach me for some reason over the phone you can send me a message via my website’s contact us form.
Get in touch

A pleasure to be your celebrant

I love being a wedding celebrant in Melbourne. I love having the ability to legally permit a man and woman who loves each other to tie the proverbial knot. Almost every wedding I have been a part of over the years, I have always had fun and enjoyed looking into the eyes of a love struck couple promising to spend their lives together. I decided to become a celebrant in the first place, because a celebrant is a part of everyone’s big day. This is why I love doing what I do, it’s why it is a pleasure to be your wedding celebrant. I’m sure that you’ll love to have me around, my energy, warmth and positive aura are part and parcel of who I am. I look forward to being a part of your big day!

As a contempory celebrant with a professional approach I guarantee you that I will not be rushing you through your ceremony.
Given many years of industry experience including public speaking with professional presentations.
My aim is to mirror the style of your day creating a magical & stress free time so you can allow yourself to relax and enjoy your day;
before, during and after your wedding ceremony

My Aim

  • Provide Fresh Ideas
  • Memory to be Cherished
  • Have a great day
  • To provide you with a number of ceremonies and help to design the ceremony of your choice
  • To leave you, your family and friends with the feeling that the ceremony was absolutely the way you design it

My Promise

I will provide you a professional, well conducted ceremony that will be intimate, personal and modern:

My Process:

  • I will provide you with a number of publications to choose from and guide you and make sure you are aware of all your options
  • At a relaxed interview you can discuss all your ceremony needs and are entitled to unlimited consultations, whether they are in person, on the phone, or via email
  • I encourage you to have rehearsals, meetings and ensure total understanding of your ceremony
  • I will provide you with copies of all signed documents, complete all necessary paperwork in a timely manner
  • I will provide you with copy of Code of Practice for celebrants (regulation 37L) which we guarantee to fulfill at a professional standard
  • I will guarantee to be familiar with your ceremony, on time and speak in a sincere and interesting manner
  • I will dress to fit in with your ceremony
  • There are no surprises with our service fee
  • No hidden costs